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We customize our buttsnuffers to meet your specifications. Contact Us for additional information.

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Free - Padlock and Sidewalk Mounting Kit with every unit! (a value of $59)

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ButtSnuffers ButtSnuffers.com is a leader in producing high quality cigarette urns and disposals. Our exclusive Buttsnuffer cigarette urn is the best outdoor ashtray you'll find. ButtSnuffers.com services the entire state of Colorado including Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Lakewood and Fort Collins. Click on a link below to view our wide range of products:

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Cigarette Urns
Metal Ashtrays
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Ash Urns
Butt Receptacles
Cigarette Cans

With ButtSnuffers.com products, your property will be kept clean and tidy, without any inconvenience. Your items can be delivered to locations throughout the State of Colorado. It's now easier than ever to order from Buttsnuffers.com-just order online! It's fast, easy and convenient!